Grand Jury Probes Subprime Mortgage Debacle, Eyeing Fraud


A federal grand jury in Los Angeles has begun probing three of the nation’s largest subprime mortgage lenders in the clearest sign yet that prosecutors are investigating whether fraud and other crimes contributed to the mortgage debacle, reports the Los Angeles Times. Grand jury subpoenas have been issued in recent weeks and months to Countrywide Financial Corp., New Century Financial Corp. and IndyMac Federal Bank seeking a wide range of information, according to sources with direct knowledge of the subpoenas.

Sources said the subpoenas seek e-mails, phone bills and bank records and follow interviews that federal investigators have conducted with employees and others knowledgeable about the lending operations of the three Southern California institutions, which all collapsed under the weight of bad loans. In the case of Countrywide, the sources said, investigators have also begun looking into news reports that the firm and its former chairman, Angelo Mozilo, gave mortgage breaks to members of Congress and other influential “friends of Angelo.” The investigations are part of a coordinated Justice Department effort that until now has focused primarily on smaller operators suspected of defrauding homeowners and mortgage lenders.


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