Audits Finds Hundreds Of MI Felons Were Day Care Providers


Hundreds of convicted sex offenders, child abusers and criminals — including a man convicted of both murder and manslaughter — were authorized to be child day care providers in Michigan, according to a state audit released Tuesday. State officials said that over the past year, they’ve corrected the problems outlined in the audit, which examined about 30 months ending in March 2006, reports the Detroit Free Press. Some 1,900 unsuitable day care providers cared for 4,600 children who were part of a federally subsidized program aimed to help poor working parents.

Subsequent background checks disqualified most of the providers. Some had provided day care for children for as long as 13 years. The audit examined only 116,585 providers who received $1.1 billion in federal subsidies during the period — mostly relatives and in-home aides. Larger, licensed day care operators, which are more tightly regulated, were not included. The audit paints a disturbing picture of lax oversight that resulted in such absurdities as a killer receiving state approval for day care, and three inmates who were paid $3,730 for day care work while they were behind bars.


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