Columnist Visits ‘Corner Boys’ For Up-Close View Of DC Violence


In what the newspaper headlined “A Street Corner Analysis of D.C. Crime,” Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy visited the troubled Trinidad neighborhood for a nighttime chat with “corner boys.” He writes, “The corner boys…are part of what is perhaps the most visibly anonymous demographic in the country. Young and black, feared and marginalized, they are the ones most likely to be viewed as a suspect in a crime and most likely to become the faceless victim of one. Nevertheless, if you want to know what’s behind the rash of homicides in Trinidad — 24 so far this year — and to get a different take on how to stop the killings, these are guys to go to, on their turf and on their terms.”

He continued, “It was almost 10 p.m. Monday, two hours before ‘killing time,’ as they call the midnight hour in Trinidad. ‘You don’t want to be out here after midnight,’ said Bobby Johnson, 18. ‘You see young ‘uns riding three, four deep, you know what’s about to happen.’ He called them young ‘uns, meaning youngsters. But they are really young guns, shooters 17 and under…The way the corner boys see it, only a young ‘un would be coldblooded enough to target a kid…Random, drive-by terror tactics have become the hallmark of the city’s most ruthless teenage thugs.”


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