Brooklyn Gun-Buyback Program Uses Churches As Depositories


Despite the crime decline in New York over the past decade, there are plenty of guns still in circulation. So for several hours starting on Saturday morning, six churches in central Brooklyn tried to help remedy that by inviting people to anonymously drop off firearms in exchange for cash cards worth hundreds of dollars, reports the city’s times. The gun buyback program, which was financed by the New York Police Department and the Brooklyn district attorney's office, was intended to complement an existing Police Department program that gives $100 to any person who turns in a gun to any police facility in the city.

People who showed up at the churches on Saturday with a working pistol, rifle or shotgun were given $200 cash cards for each weapon, with a limit of three payments. The cards can be used at stores or to withdraw money at A.T.M.'s. The going rate was $20 each for air guns and BB guns. Two hundred thousand dollars had been allocated for the buybacks, half from the DA’s asset forfeiture fund, which holds money confiscated in drug cases, and half from the Police Department.


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