As Traffic Cameras Expand, AZ Sees $200 Million Windfall Ahead


Arizona’s coffers could be fattened by $210 million a year or more under the terms of the new contract for photo enforcement of speed and red-light laws, reports Capitol Media Service. Figures from Department of Public Safety show that the existing eight cameras the agency now operates – two mobile and six fixed – already are snapping the pictures of between 75 and 100 speeders a day. Multiply that by the 100 cameras the state will begin rolling out in late September, and the numbers add up.

And a little-noticed provision in the five-year contract gives the DPS the option to double the number of cameras. A state official said the contract was set up to allow for expansion. And more cameras to catch more violators also could mean big bucks to help out with the state’s deficit. In January, Gov. Janet Napolitano figured the net revenues to the state this fiscal year at $90 million. That’s with half of the 100 cameras in place and not for the full budget year; on a full-year basis, the governor’s staff figured, the state would net about $125 million.


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