After A New Spate of Violence, DC Resumes Police Checkpoints


Washington, D.C., police have resumed checkpoints in the Trinidad neighborhood after a new spate of violence, including the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old boy early Saturday, reports the city’s Post. No arrests have been made in the case, nor in any of the other shooting and stabbing incidents that left two dead and 13 injured — most of them in Trinidad — from late Friday through early Saturday, police said.

Police have been struggling to curb a spike in homicides in Trinidad since early spring, and the neighborhood of brick townhouses and low-rise apartments felt tense but quiet yesterday as police resumed a controversial policy of erecting checkpoints to deter would-be assailants from entering. Police cruisers blocked several streets, channeling traffic to a checkpoint at Holbrook and Oates streets. There, officers briefly questioned drivers about their reason for coming into the neighborhood and wrote down license plate numbers. “The checkpoint is a double-edged sword,” said neighborhood resident Randell Briggs. “It don’t happen in a white neighborhood. But then, they don’t have the crime in the white neighborhoods that they have down here.”


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