After Cop Misconduct Cases, Indianapolis Unveils “Integrity Plan”


Narcotics detectives ripping off drug dealers. A police officer selling a gun to a felon informant. Another officer helping his wife run an illegal escort service. Such criminal misconduct allegations have been leveled in recent months against a half-dozen Indianapolis police officers, says the Indianapolis Star. The department is grappling with the fallout — which includes the dismissal of at least 20 court cases involving the officers — and is trying, with Mayor Greg Ballard, to determine what changes are needed to prevent such misconduct in the future.

Police brass took the first public step in answering that question yesterday with the unveiling of a new “integrity plan.” The plan calls for increasing supervision, tightening oversight of evidence collection, reinstating more widespread polygraph testing of officers, creating a department recruiter position, and instituting mandatory performance evaluations. “We won’t hesitate to use these measures that we announce today and others to make sure the bad apples are plucked out and tossed aside,” said Public Safety Director Scott Newman. Said criminal law Prof. Henry Karlson of the Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis: “A good move. [] Bureaucratically speaking, this is warp 7.” A sampling of other police departments, in Columbus, Oh. Las Vegas; and Dallas showed all do performance evaluations.


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