Charlotte Officer Suspended For “Prolonged” Taser Use


A Charlotte police officer has been suspended for violating policy when he shocked a teen with a Taser gun for about 37 seconds, contributing to the teen’s death, reports the Charlotte Observer. Officer Jerry Dawson Jr. held the Taser trigger until Darryl Turner, 17, a grocery store employee, fell to the floor during a confrontation. The officer later shocked Turner a second time for five seconds. Turner died from cardiac arrest. Prosecutors said they would not charge Dawson, and found his use of force appropriate under N.C. law.

Police suspended Dawson, a 15-year veteran, for five days without pay. “After a thorough review of the evidence, the board determined that the initial decision to discharge the Taser was within our procedures, but the prolonged use of the Taser was not,” police said. Turner’s death was the first Taser-related fatality in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department’s history.


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