Chicago’s Weis Scolded By City Council Over Crime Increase


Chicago Police Superintendent. Jody Weis got a very public, seven-hour lesson in local politics yesterday from aldermen who took turns complaining about increased crime while warning the new top cop he better not take any officers from their neighborhoods, the Chicago Tribune reports. Battered for a week by fallout from a fatal shooting near a festival that highlighted a spike in killings, Weis acknowledged in a City Council hearing that police have been less aggressive on the streets and offered plans to train a new team of officers to target high-crime areas.

Weis was hired by Mayor Richard Daley to repair a department damaged by allegations of abuse and corruption. Now he finds himself dealing with the political ramifications of rising violence and his quick changes to police command staff throughout the city. Quelling violence was the primary focus of his predecessor, Phil Cline, who was accused of paying too little attention to police misconduct. In a typical comment, Alderman. Sandi Jackson said there are “areas of my ward that are called terror town. We need help. Where are we in the queue for that help?”


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