AZ Sheriff Arpaio Leads Posse: “If You Are Illegal, Leave”


Maricopa County, Az., Sheriff Joe Arpaio brought about 100 posse volunteers and deputies to Mesa, Az., yesterday, nearly three weeks after a two-day crime sweep that netted scores of arrests, the Arizona Republic reports. Deputies made 15 arrests, including 10 suspected undocumented immigrants. Unlike a sweep last month, Arpaio’s office did not give Mesa police notice before coming into the city. An angry Arpaio said he had a message for those in the state illegally: “Get away from here and go back where you came from. If you are illegal, leave.”

He thanked various officials, including Gov. Janet Napolitano, for criticizing his immigration efforts, insisting their vocal criticism of his efforts has forced more undocumented immigrants to leave the state. He also thanked demonstrators “for calling me Hitler and Nazi.” Mesa Police Chief George Gascón said unannounced sweeps could hurt officers’ ability to deal with demonstrators and keep the peace.


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