Dayton Launching Plan To Target Key Gang Members


Some major changes are being made in how crime is fought in the Dayton area this fall, and the payoff could be a sharp reduction in a segment of homicidal violent crime, reports the Dayton Daily News. A number of people police say are key figures or have connections to the web of violent street crime –via affiliation to a criminal group, crime family, or gang – will be summoned to a Montgomery County courtroom. Authorities will have considerable leverage over these people because they will already be on probation or parole. They will likely face family members of homicide victims who will tell them how it feels to be a victim of crime.

They’ll be told to stop the violence and exit a criminal lifestyle by availing themselves to job training, anger management, and substance abuse counseling. Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer said the county jail – through a program recording detailed information from each inmate during the intake process – has identified 17 separate gangs in the area. “We’re finally going after a small group of people who are causing a lot of problems,” Plummer said. Similar programs have a record of success elsewhere. Cincinnatihas cut homicides sharply and driven 200 people into social service programs that could clean up their lives. ,The initiative has its roots in work by David M. Kennedy of John Jay College of Criminal Justice.


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