Delaware Police See New Examples Of “Suicide By Cop” Trend


Marguerite Bricker says her husband of 20, Gary Bliss, didn’t really want to commit suicide on June 11. He cut his wrist, police were called, Bliss fired a pellet gun at officers. Police fired back. State police say that Bliss’ shooting death is one of several recent incidents that could be called “suicide by cop,” in which a person deliberately acts in a threatening way to trigger a lethal response, says the Wilmington News-Journal.

Dr. Laurence Miller, a clinical and forensic psychologist and law enforcement professor in Florida, said “suicide by cop” is an ambiguous category. Carol Tavani, a neuropsychiatrist, said this type of suicide is “essentially the same mechanism that would cause people to commit suicide for any reason: that they are desperate and depressed and they don’t see any way out.”


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