Dallas Assigns Prosecutor To Handle All Cold Cases


Old homicide cases resurrected by the Dallas police cold-case unit now have a regular home for prosecution, reports the Dallas Morning News. One prosecutor is now handling all the cold cases submitted to the Dallas County district attorney’s office. “We’d like to try to make this a formal position solely dedicated to working with the Dallas Police Department and other area agencies” on cold cases, said Kevin Brooks, the district attorney’s felony trial bureau chief.

“There are more than 1,000 unsolved murders since 1990. We think that it’s important that we have someone to strictly pay attention to those types of cases,” said prosecutor Josh Healy. Technological advances since some of these homicides occurred will need to be addressed in the courtroom. Healy plans to become accustomed to the challenges of trying cases in which so much time has passed. Witness’ memories fade; people disappear and die.

Link: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/070808dnmetcoldcase.33860623.html

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