Chicago Mayor Sees Gun Ruling As Detached From City’s Reality


In a city where homicide rates have risen by 13 percent over the same period last year and 26 students were killed by gunfire in the past school year, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley thinks the Supreme Court majority that overturned the District’s gun ban last month is detached from urban reality. “If they think that’s the answer, then they’re greatly mistaken,” Daley protested after hearing that Chicago’s 26-year-old gun law is at risk. “Then why don’t we do away with the court system and go back to the Old West? You have a gun and I have a gun, and we’ll settle in the streets.”

Chicago officials say they have reason to be concerned about the high court’s decision, reports the Washington Post. The city looks likely to provide the next critical test of the justices’ ruling as courts decide how far the decision extends to other cities and the 50 states. Within hours of the 5 to 4 decision, gun rights groups filed fresh challenges to Chicago’s restrictions. Daley and Jody Weis, Chicago’s police superintendent, contend that strict gun laws are a needed and justifiable tool. Weis, a longtime FBI veteran, said the court’s ruling will “no doubt” make police work harder in a city in which 75 percent of all murders are committed with firearms.


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