Tennessee Slow To Revoke Gun-Carry Permits From Felons


Four months after became known that Tennessee had been renewing handgun permits to felons without checking their backgrounds, the state just last week started mailing letters asking the felons turn in their permits, reports The Tennessean. The state verified that 193 permit holders are likely felons and need to have their permits revoked. An additional 339 permit holders came up as possible felons when checked against a Department of Correction felon database.

The Tennessean found that since September 2006, the state issued or renewed about 200 permits to people who show up as likely matches in the state felon database. Of those, the newspaper found about 20 appear to have been issued gun carry permits after Feb. 13, when the problem had been supposedly corrected. Said state safety commissioner Dave Mitchell “We believe when we get to the vetting of this database, I feel confident we will have identified those people that don’t lawfully deserve to have handgun permits in their possession. It’s going to take a little time.”

Link: http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080629/NEWS03/806290411

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