Seattle Panel Urges More Transparency In Police Discipline


A Seattle City Council panel on police accountability has called for more transparency of the disciplinary process, with one member saying there is a systemic effort to thwart public scrutiny of how the department polices itself, reports the Seattle Times. Panel members urged the council to strengthen the civilian-review board that oversees the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA).

Panel member Eriic Schnapper, a, University of Washington professor, found that police oversight in Seattle suffers from a systemic effort to thwart public scrutiny. “Criticism of police actions is not an inexcusable affront to the dignity of its officers, an illegitimate form of interference [] or part of some left-wing conspiracy to assist the criminal elements in our society,” he wrote. “Criticism of police actions is just like criticism of any other public officials, a routine and healthy part of the democratic process.”


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