Charlotte Community Rallies To Help Find Suspect In Killings


Two teenage brothers in Charlotte were shot to death in a crime that moved residents to help find the suspect, reports the Charltote Observer. A 17-year-old boy 7, is charged with shooting the teens a year after prosecutors let him plead guilty to reduced charges in an armed robbery case. The deaths are the latest in a series of shootings involving teens that has stirred debate about youth violence and drawn attention from the city’s new police chief, Rodney Monroe. Five other teens ages 18 and younger have been killed in Charlotte shootings so far this year.

“We’re talking about some real serious social issues that I don’t think law enforcement truly can influence,” Monroe said. “It’s a community problem.” This week’s shooting came during an argument between groups of young people. Residents flooded to the scene and gave police information that Monroe said led police to issue warrants for the arrest of the suspect. “That community rallied last night because of their anger and because of the senselessness,” said Monroe.


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