Most Employers Escape Sanctions In Federal Immigration Raids


Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are staging dramatic raids across the U.S. that routinely seize hundreds of undocumented workers at their jobs – and leave their employers free to work another day, reportrs the Houston Chronicle. The appearance of separate justice that arose in a surprise morning raid at Action Rags USA in Houston fits a pattern. Many of the 166 workers were paraded toward vans to be transported into detention. Authorities spared company officials immediate arrest and the embarrassing “perp walk” that exposed those arrested to news photographers. “Once again the federal government has it backwards,” said U.S. Rep. Ted Poe (R), a former state judge and prosecutor. “It is a waste of time if we don’t go after the business owners who are knowingly hiring illegals. If we eliminate the illegal job opportunities, we can start to eliminate the problem.”

Over the past eight months, federal immigration agents have arrested more than 2,900 suspected undocumented workers on administrative immigration charges and 775 more workers on criminal charges such as identity theft or Social Security fraud. Only 75 ”bosses” – business owners, supervisors or human resources workers – have been arrested on charges such as harboring or knowingly hiring undocumented immigrants. That accounts for barely 2 percent of the total of 3,750 workplace immigration arrests since last October. ICE said, “Developing sufficient evidence against employers requires complex, white-collar crime investigations that can take years to bear fruit.”


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