Heavy Attrition Hits “Completely Unprepared” Boston Cop Recruits


Boston is facing a serious shortage in police recruits, as its commissioner grapples with too many overweight, unfit and unqualified applicants who think being a member of Boston's finest is like starring in an episode of CSI, reports the Boston Herald. This year's police academy class is only 60 percent full, despite a slick, $100,000 ad campaign that failed to attract enough candidates who could withstand tough vetting. Deputy Superintendent Marie Donahue recruits were completely unprepared. Some couldn't even finish a half-mile run. “Maybe they're influenced through a false sense of what this is about,” she said.

Of the 60 recruits who survived the vetting process, 12 have already dropped out – most citing the physical demands. “We're obviously disappointed that there's been such an attrition rate this year,” acknowledged police commissioner Edward Davis. The numbers are so low Davis plans to take the rare step of seating another academy this year. Police departments nationwide have seen a vexing drop in the number of aspiring cops over the past decade.

Link: http://www.bostonherald.com/news

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