NRA To Spend $40 Million Advertising Obama’s Anti-Gun Stance


The Republican National Committee and John McCain’s campaign seized on the Supreme Court’s gun-rights ruling and used it to frame Democrat Barack Obama as a radical liberal on the issue, reports It is the first step toward a media and advertising push in more rural battleground states that “highlights that Barack Obama is the most anti gun candidate in American presidential history,” said Republican spokesman Danny Diaz. “This issue is a big fat wedge in target states,” said Matt McDonald, a senior adviser to McCain, citing Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and West Virginia. “Obviously it is an issue where he is at odds with working-class voters.”

The Obama campaign distanced itself from a statement made last year to the Chicago Tribune that “Obama believes the D.C. handgun law is constitutional.” Spokesman Bill Burton said that the statement “was not worded as well as it could have been” and that Obama believes that the Constitution “doesn’t prevent local and state governments from enacting their own gun laws.” The National Rifle Association plans to spend $40 million on a campaign to highlight Obama’s record and define him as a supporter of “Chicago-style gun control,” said the NRA's chief lobbyist, Chris Cox. “Never before have we had a presidential candidate who has been so open and clear on his position on self defense with a firearm in your own home,” Cox said.


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