Tape Released, TN Cop Fired For Beating Transgender Suspect


A Memphis police officer was fired more than four months after beating a transgender suspect. The firing took place only after the victim released a videotape of the incident to the news media, reports the Memphis Commercial Appeal. The beating occurred Feb. 12 after officer Bridges McRae, 28, arrested Duanna Johnson on charges of prostitution. Security video provided by attorneys for Johnson, 42, shows one officer striking Johnson after Johnson refused to stand up.

Murray Wells, an attorney for Johnson, wants to negotiate a settlement with the city rather than file a lawsuit. “If we file a lawsuit, then the only thing we can get is money,” Wells said. “We want officers to have sensitivity training and for the city to create a hate-crime law.” Johnson said McRae called her a “he/she” and told her to come over for fingerprinting. When Johnson didn’t respond, she said, McRae cursed her and called her a derogatory name for a homosexual.

Link: http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2008/jun/25/memphis-police-officer-fired-beat-transgendered-su/

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