NV Sex Offenders Say New Reporting Rules Are Unconstitutional


For more than a decade, “James” has lived a life of anonymity. The 45-year-old, who spent 10 years in prison for rape and was released in the mid-1990s, is proud that he owns his own home in a conservative community, says the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He’s had a good-paying construction job for 14 years and helped raise his 18-year-old stepdaughter. The state categorized him as a Tier 1 sex offender, the lowest level. Starting July 1, however, Nevada sex offenders will be categorized not by their risk of re-offending but by the crime they committed.

There are 166 Tier 3 sex offenders in Nevada; that number may jump to 2,515. James, as a newly categorized Tier 3 sex offender, will be required to report to law enforcement every 90 days. He must submit to fingerprinting and could be forced to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet. James is upset that his photo and personal information will now be available to the public on Web sites tracking sex offenders. He and other offenders are challenging the law, referred to as the Adam Walsh Act, in court, arguing that it is unconstitutional and punishes them after they’ve finished paying for their crime. Randall Roske, James’ attorney, said: “This new law will do nothing better to protect the public. It’s a waste of resources and will demonize a group of people who are trying to put the past behind them and are not a risk to society.”

Link: http://www.lvrj.com/news/20638774.html

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