Chicago Neighborhood Violence: “Game That Will Never End”


The Chicago Sun-Times published the second in a four-part series called 59 Hours, looking at a particularly bloody weekend of gun violence in Chicago, April 18-20. It is part of the newspaper’s “Stop the Killing” campaign. This story looks at how the gunplay devastates whole neighborhoods.

One of them is Little Village, a Hispanic enclave the president of Mexico once toured on horseback. A police camera, blue light blinking, hangs above the alley across the street. It keeps surveillance on a block where young men who walk with a well-practiced limp in baggy pants call out in whistles to warn of police. It is where Angel Ramirez, who’d never been in trouble, took a bullet in the face and died in a drive-by shooting on a violent weekend in April. “There’s always a score to settle,” says Jon Medina, a cop who was friends with Angel. “They’ll never be even. I don’t think they even keep a tally. It’s like a chess game. [] a game that will never end.”


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