Media, Defendant Family Excluded From CA Deputy’s Murder Case


The news media and the defendant’s family were barred from what was supposed to be a public hearing in the murder case of a Yolo County, CA., sheriff’s deputy, reports the Sacramento Bee. Only law enforcement personnel were admitted. Later, county Sheriff Ed Prieto called the exclusion “a huge mistake.”

Supervising Superior Court Judge David Rosenberg said, “The doors are supposed to be unlocked when court is in session. This kind of hearing should have been open to the public. There are no excuses. It shouldn’t have happened.” Stewart Katz, a Sacramento criminal defense and civil rights attorney, called the situation “flat-out wrong” and said the criminal justice system has to treat cases equally, regardless of the victims involved: “It undermines confidence in the system when you have people who are personally involved getting to decide how the system operates.”


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