After Cop Arrests, Indianapolis Chief Plans Polygraph Tests


Allegations that three of Indianapolis police officers used their badges to steal from drug dealers prompted Chief Michael Spears to announce plans for random polygraph tests on all narcotics investigators, reports the Indianapolis Star. “We want to maintain the highest integrity within these specialized units,” Spears said. Polygraph tests for officers in narcotics and other specialized units, such as vice, were eliminated two years ago with the formation of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Prosecutors say the officers arrested Monday stole cash and marijuana from drug dealers and resold the drugs through a music store. Bill Owensby, president of the local Fraternal Order of Police chapter, said the union opposes polygraphs but is willing to work with department officials to come up with an acceptable policy. “If it’s something random, like the urine draw, we may be able to live with that,” Owensby said. U.S. Attorney Timothy Morrison called the arrests “a sad day for law enforcement. Not only did these men allegedly violate drug laws, but they reduced the reservoir of trust between the public and the police.”


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