9th Circuit’s Kozinski Stirs Criticism Over Sexual Material


Alex Kozinski’s Web-browsing habits have long been a touchy subject, reports the legal newspaper The Recorder. Yesterday, the 9th Circuit chief judge was rapped by the Los Angeles Times for hosting sexually explicit material on a publicly accessible server. In 2001, it was then-Chief Justice William Rehnquist who was sounding the alarm, according to the federal court system’s former top administrator, Leonidas Ralph Mecham. He quoted Rehnquist as saying, “Tell Alex to watch pornography at home and not download it and watch it in the courts.”

The Los Angeles Times said Kozinski stored extremely graphic photos and video on his personal Web site, http://alex.kozinski.com. The site, which is operated by Kozinski’s son, was taken offline just as Kozinski was scheduled to oversee a high-profile obscenity trial in Pasadena. Kozinski said he would hear motions to take him off the case. “I’m very sorry I didn’t know about this before the jury was sworn,” the judge said. Kozinski suspended the trial until next Monday.

Link: http://www.law.com/jsp/article.jsp?id=1202422200406

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