Some Install Security Cameras To Ward Off Burglars


Are home surveillance cameras the new thing to deter burglars? The Orlando Sentinel tells the story of Lena and Wayne Badolato, who outfitted their house with four high-tech, motion-activated security cameras that record comings and goings around the clock. The high-resolution cameras can zoom in to see a face, read a license plate, and they even can see in the dark.

There have been about 27 burglaries of homes and cars as well as one home invasion in the 100-home Orange County neighborhood since March. Requests for Neighborhood Watch programs are up. The Badolatos set out at night, patrolling their own streets, taking down license-plate numbers of vehicles that don’t belong. “I have to do something,” Wayne Badolato said. “We literally drive around at 1and 2 in the morning. I can’t sleep anyway, not when it’s getting like this.” As for security cameras, they may just prompt a thief to pick another house. The convergence of high-quality cameras at relatively low cost has put cameras in reach of the average consumer, said Bill Ablondi of Parks Associates, a technology market research and consulting firm based in Dallas: “Systems that used to cost several thousand dollars now cost several hundred.”


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