After Hit-and-Run, Hartford Chief’s Harsh Words Stir Anger, Anxiety


Police Chief Daryl Roberts’ declaration that Hartford has become toxic in its level of incivility sparked anger, questions and introspection Thursday, reports the city’s Courant. His comments followed several recent incidents. Last Friday afternoon, a hit-and-run accident that was caught on tape left Angel Arce Torres, 78, paralyzed, lying in the middle of a under full view of passing motorists and onlookers. That followed the savage beating and robbery of former Deputy Mayor Nicholas Carbone and the discovery of a decomposed body of a man in the basement of a recently foreclosed home.

Roberts reacted with anger to the incidents Wednesday, saying the acts were inhumane, that the city had lost its “moral compass” and had a “toxic relationship with ourselves.” Gov. M. Jodi Rell added that the incidents “shock our state to the core.” Mayor Eddie Perez vowed to bring to justice those responsible for the crimes. “We are not going to let anybody take away the progress we have made to make Hartford a safe city,” Perez said. “Let this message be clear. If you commit a crime in the city of Hartford, you will be arrested and justice will be done.”


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