Boss Fired at Beleaguered Maryland Jail After 4 Guns Go Missing


The corrections director in Prince George’s County, Md., was fired Wednesday after workers discovered four handguns were missing from a locked armory at the Upper Marlboro jail this week. Alfred J. McMurray Sr.’s dismissal comes after numerous problems at the facility this year, reports the Gaithersburg Gazette. There have been two cases where inmates were found with handcuff keys; a new corrections officer was charged with smuggling cell phones inside to gang members; a 19-year-old officer was arrested in connection with an armed robbery, and two female officers were suspended for allegedly having sexual relations with male prisoners.

The latest incident under McMurray’s watch was discovered Monday, when a monthly inspection of the jail’s armory revealed that four 9 mm Beretta handguns and their holsters were missing. The room is locked at all times and inaccessible to inmates, officials said. Guards must sign a book to access the room. The jail was locked down for a day as guards searched for the weapons, but they were not found. The jail houses between 1,400 and 1,500 inmates and employs about 450 officers.


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