More Patrol Officers In Milwaukee Seems Worth The Trade-Off


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has endorsed a plan to form a new neighborhood patrol task force – with officers taken from non-patrol units – to battle crime. Unlike previous such efforts, the unit would operate year-round. Crime statistics spike and dip, but for neighborhoods most affected, crime is not just a seasonal worry, says the newspaper. The Neighborhood Task Force takes officers from the Milwaukee Police Department’s vice and intelligence divisions and the Patrol Support Division but does not disband these units.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn is putting more people on patrol who were doing investigations or other support work. The city will have to wait and see and decide whether the trade-offs, if they exist, are reasonable. More patrols in neighborhoods will mean more interaction between residents and police, always a good thing – until it’s not, says the Journal Sentinel adding that it is confident that Flynn, quick to defend his officers when warranted, will not tolerate misconduct.


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