Some Arizona Polygamists Fear Prosecution


After Texas authorities rounded up members of a polygamous sect in April and the Senate majority leader called for federal agents to go after religious groups that practice plural marriages Marvin Dockstader of Centennial Park, Az., feels pressure building as politicians talk of conducting anti-bigamy enforcement with Texas-style zeal, says the Arizona Republic.

There are two reasons why law enforcement is unlikely to target them: They belong to a church, The Work of Jesus Christ, that publicly eschews child marriages – a practice that authorities alleged in moving against the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Colorado City and Eldorado, Tx. Also: polygamy law in Arizona is fuzzy. Arizona’s Constitution bans polygamy but lists no punishment. Arizona’s criminal code makes bigamy a crime, but unlike in Utah and Texas, it does not outlaw plural cohabitation.


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