Phila. Paper Defends Editing Detention Bracelet Into Photo


A photo on the front page of the Philadelphia Daily News is causing a stir, reports WCAU-TV in Philadelphia. It shows Jocelyn Kirsch, the “Bonnie” in the Philadelphia “Bonnie and Clyde” identity-theft ring, lounging in a bathing suit. It shows a home-detention bracelet on Kirsch’s leg that was edited into the photo. In the original photo, Kirsch never wore an ankle bracelet. In the lower right hand corner of the photo, in small letters, the words “photo illustration” were printed.

Kirsch was ordered to wear an electronic-monitoring bracelet by California courts after she engaged in the same kind of conduct that got her in trouble in the first place. Kirsch’s lawyer, Ron Greenblatt, said, “The use of a doctored photo on the cover of the second largest paper in the city of Philadelphia to give a deliberately false impression is disgraceful.” Daily News Editor Michael Days denied breaking ethics rule and said the newspaper was playing off of the sensationalistic atmosphere the story has taken from the start. “I don’t really think we stepped over the line. People who read us know that we do various gags, take various licenses from time to time,” he said.


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