Federal Anticrime Aid In Senate Spending Bill; Veto Threat Looms


A supplemental appropriations bill approved yesterday by the U.S. Senate includes $490 million to restore cuts in federal anticrime aid to states and localities. However, the measure still must be considered by the House and President Bush has threatened to veto legislation that exceeds his funding requests. Congress slashed the anticrime aid last December in the face of a similar veto threat.

The law enforcement funds were part of bill that the Washington Post said included $165 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan well into the next presidency. In a break with President Bush and Sen. John McCain, the domestic spending increases include a generous expansion of veterans’ education benefits. The war funding measure, which passed 70 to 26, will be twinned with the domestic spending package and sent to the House for final approval after Congress’s Memorial Day recess.

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