MD State, Local Police Get $4.5 Million From Gambling Probe


A Maryland investigation into electronic video gaming machines found that business operators allowed people who played the machines to claim cash prizes if they won, which is against state law, reports the Baltimore Sun. Last year, Virginia-based Truck Stop Games LLC. Last year, the Virginia-based company pleaded guilty to money laundering and was forced to hand over $2.5 million in assets to federal authorities. A truck stop operator,TravelCenters of America, had to forfeit $4.2 million in a related civil action.

Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein says federal authorities will share a portion of the seized funds with state and local law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation. The state police get $2.9 million; Baltimore County police $176,000; and Queen Anne’s County will receive $1.6 million. A report by the Abell Foundation issued two years ago estimated that the underground illegal gambling industry cost Maryland $15 million in uncollected tax revenue.


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