Months After Damning Audit, Deadly Violence at Aging OK Prison


A special session of the Legislature may be needed to address problems within Oklahoma’s second-oldest prison that led to a disturbance Monday in which two inmates were killed and more than a dozen others were injured, Oklahoma lawmakers told the Associated Press. The deadly fight at the 98-year-old Oklahoma State Reformatory in Granite came five months after completion of an exhaustive prison audit that concluded Oklahoma’s prisons are antiquated and the state’s prison system is underfunded.

With only four days remaining in the 2008 Legislature before lawmakers plan to adjourn, some lawmakers said a special session may be needed this summer to address the state’s prison problems and implement the audit’s recommendations. “We in the Legislature have dropped the ball,” said Rep. Terry Harrison, D-McAlester. “We did virtually nothing. I’m embarrassed.” No correctional officers were injured in the melee at the medium-security prison.


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