TX Home Improvement Tip: How to Burglar-Proof Your Door


Burglars won’t bother knocking on your front door. They will just kick it in. That is what has happened in the East Dallas and White Rock areas recently, where neighborhood associations report a string of kick-in burglaries in the past year, reports the Dallas Morning News. It is not an isolated problem. Sgt. Rector McCollum of the Dallas Police Department says most burglars target a house that looks easy to get into – even if people are home. “Instead of stealth, they simply go up and kick the front door in,” he says.

Nationwide, there were more than 1 million residential burglaries in 2006. Most burglars enter homes the same way: through a door in the front, the back or the garage, says Lauren Russ, director of the Burglary Prevention Council. Most homeowners, she adds, didn’t even know they were vulnerable. During a kick-in attack, it’s rarely the door itself that breaks. Instead, it’s the doorjamb, which absorbs the force of the kick. Protecting your doorway means strengthening all of these pieces – and more.

Link: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/fea/home/howto/stories/DN-nhg_doorsecurity

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