For MT Sex Offenders, Denial of Their Crime Can Extend Prison Stay


For convicted sex offenders who deny they did anything wrong, completing the full treatment program at Montana State Prison is impossible – and, therefore, parole is out. That's because most sex offenders are required to complete the treatment before they can be considered for parole, reports the Helena Independent Record. And if you deny your crime, you can't complete the treatment. “Those guys kind of get stuck,” says Blair Hopkins, clinical services administrator at the state prison in Deer Lodge. “They need to be able to admit to some type of sexual inappropriate behavior. For someone who just flat-out denies everything, they really can't complete (the second phase).”

Hopkins and other counselors estimate that 15 percent to 25 percent of those convicted of sex offenses are “deniers,” who say they didn't commit the crime. A small fraction of those might actually be innocent, counselors say. But that makes no difference in how they're treated under the treatment regiment or parole rules, Hopkins says: “We have to assume that if they've been convicted of the offense, they've done it. If I said, 'I believe you,' then I'll have 300 guys at my door saying that.”


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