New GA Law OKs Concealed Guns in Parks, Restaurants, Buses


Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue on Wednesday signed legislation allowing guns in restaurants, on public transportation and in state parks, and the act drew immediate criticism from law enforcement officials. A number of groups had urged Perdue to veto the measure, saying it could lead to increased violence, reports the Savannah Morning News. The measure was backed by the National Rifle Association.

“I'm personally disappointed it passed,” said Garden City, Ga., Police Chief David Lyons. “I have concerns about packing guns into places where alcohol is served – you're mixing alcohol and guns.” Lyons said acquiring a permit in Georgia – unlike states that mandate a 40-hour safety course – requires only $15 and a fingerprint background check. The new law would apply only to the roughly 300,000 Georgians who have concealed weapons permits.


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