HIV+ Man Sentenced to 35 Years for Spitting at Dallas Officer


An HIV-positive Dallas man with a history of spitting at police officers and biting fellow jail inmates was sentenced to 35 years in prison Wednesday. Willie Campbell’s sentence came one day after the same Dallas County jury convicted the 42-year-old of harassment of a public servant for spitting into the eye and open mouth of Dallas Officer Dan Waller in May 2006. As Campbell was being arrested for public intoxication, he began to resist and kicked at the computer screen in the police vehicle, Waller testified.

“He turns and spits,” Officer Waller said. “He hits me in the eye and mouth. Then he told me he has AIDS. I immediately began looking for something to flush my eyes with.” On Wednesday, as another Dallas officer testified about Campbell spitting on him in an unrelated incident, Campbell jumped up and began calling the officer and prosecutors liars. Because the jury found that Campbell’s HIV-positive saliva was a deadly weapon, he has to serve half of his sentence before he is eligible for parole.


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