NC to Join Google-Like Information System for Law Enforcement


Law enforcement officials announced a new information-sharing program Tuesday that will allow investigators to search crime and incident records in other jurisdictions and agencies, reports the Associated Press. The North Carolina Law Enforcement Information Exchange is similar to the Google search engine and searchable by key words. It will be up and running by mid-July, organizers said.

“This system will make as big an impact on law enforcement as fingerprints did,” said Dennis Mook, a former Newport News, Va., police chief who oversees the database used in that state. “It allows investigators to connect the dots.” Mook said investigators have solved cases by using the key-word searches. On one case, the police searched all reports for a certain type of car and physical description and came out with a list of 20 suspects instead of thousands. The system’s programs are already in place in eight other states and the District of Columbia.


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