Some Communities Eye ‘Good Humor Man’ As Potential Sex Predator


A growing number of communities across the USA are moving to prevent sexual predators from becoming ice cream truck drivers, reports USA Today. Cases in which ice cream truck drivers have been convicted of crimes against children in New York and Florida, as well as concerns about a registered sex offender selling ice cream in California, have prompted some state and local governments to consider banning criminals from selling ice cream or at least requiring background checks before licenses are issued.

In California, where a convicted sex offender was found to be driving an ice cream truck in the city of Perris last summer, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors will consider an ordinance Tuesday aimed at stopping them from driving ice cream trucks. In Massachusetts, a bill that would bar sex offenders from operating ice cream trucks is under consideration in the Legislature, based upon a New York state law that passed in 2005. In Rapid City, S.D., an ordinance requiring criminal background checks for ice cream vendors is under review by the city attorney’s office.


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