Philly Cops Suspended After Beating Captured by News Helicopter


A Philadelphia police sergeant and five officers have been removed from street duty in connection with Monday night’s violent arrest of three shooting suspects, an event that a Fox news helicopter recorded and that yesterday aired nationally on ABC News. Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said the five officers had been seen participating in the beating, and that the sergeant had been removed from duty “for failing to take supervisory action to intervene.” Their names were not released. Ramsey said other officers would likely be removed from duty as they were identified from the 11-minute video, which Fox29 first aired Tuesday morning.

The video, shot from a helicopter, shows about 15 police officers participating in the beating or standing by the suspects’ stopped sedan as the suspects are repeatedly kicked and punched. The District Attorney’s Office is investigating possible criminal prosecution. The beating followed by two days the slaying of a police sergeant, and some saw it as a type of police payback. Mayor Nutter said, “There are certain standards of professionalism in the way you conduct a proper arrest.” He added, “The behavior, at least the behavior exhibited on the tape, is unacceptable.”


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