Phila. Police Beat Three Suspects In Episode Caught On Video


Philadelphia police, in shock over Saturday’s murder of one of their own, face a probe over the violent beating of three shooting suspects by up to 15 officers that was captured on video by a news helicopter hovering overhead, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. The beating is seen on one minute of an 11-minute video that Fox29 broadcast yesterday and streamed over its Web site. The three men beaten were suspects in a shooting unrelated to Saturday’s murder of Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said the beating might be related to the stress police are under as they hunt for a fugitive in Liczbinski’s murder.

Defense lawyer D. Scott Perrine called it “one of the most reprehensible displays of police brutality I have ever seen.” The video shows police cars chasing a sedan to a stop, where six to eight officers, with guns drawn, swarm over it. As more officers race up to the car, one beats the passenger’s side with a baton. All four doors are pulled open, and as each of the men is pulled from the car, he is tossed to the street and surrounded by three to five officers. Three or four officers begin trying to handcuff the driver and can be seen delivering at least 13 kicks to his head and sides, as well as several punches.


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