Cleveland Writer Who Described Her Rape Hears From Victims


Joanna Connors of the Cleveland Plain Dealer was surprised at how many of the 220 e-mails and voicemails responding to the section in Sunday’s paper about her experience being raped were from women who had been raped, but had never told anyone, reports Editor & Publisher. “Two people at the paper came up to me and said they had been raped and one had never told anyone,” said Connors, 54. “So many of the people in the voice mails and e-mails said so, too.” Connors was raped on the job during her stint as a Plain Dealer theater critic.

Connors said she had to think long and hard about whether to put the story into the paper: “It was a process for me that was cathartic. I really had to think about it.” Her willingness to do a feature project about herself came about after she stopped doing theater stories in 2006 and did a piece about the child of two psychiatrists dying of a heroin overdose, which led to other serious feature projects.


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