Marijuana Liberation Day Seeks Medical Pot Legalization


Cindy Roemer, who started using marijuana five years ago to treat her chronic arthritis pain, was among more than 100 people who marched in downtown Seattle on Saturday in support of liberalizing marijuana laws, reports the Seattle Times. She thinks it should be legal for anyone to use. In Washington, doctors can authorize patients with certain conditions to have a 60-day supply of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The state is expected to say this summer how much constitutes a 60-day supply. Marijuana use is still illegal under federal law.

Marijuana Liberation Day events were held in as many as 200 other cities nationwide, according to organizers. Seattle organizer Vivian McPeak said the goal was to “end the prohibition” on medical marijuana, eliminate jail sentences for nonviolent marijuana-possession charges, and legalize the production of industrial hemp. Margaret Denny, 57, rode in a wheelchair that her son had decorated with jail bars. She is fighting a drug-possession charge after an arrest at her home last October. Police took her to jail in an ambulance. I just think, what a sad waste of the taxpayers’ money, putting the sick and the dying in jail or trying to arrest them,” she said.


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