Terrorism Trade-Off Series On FBI Wins Honor For Seattle Paper


“The Terrorism Trade-Off,” articles by Paul Shukovsky, Tracy Johnson, and Daniel Lathrop of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, have won the White House Correspondents’ Association’s Edgar A. Poe Award for excellence in coverage of news of national or regional significance.

In a series that was summarized on Crime & Justice News, the reporters detailed a major shift by the FBI away from white-collar crimes as it ramped up its pursuit of suspected terrorists. Shukovsky, Johnson, and Lathrop found that 2,400 FBI agents had been shifted to counterterrorism work, resulting in a 68 percent decline in white-collar criminal investigations and a 71 percent drop in civil rights cases. The Poe award, funded in his honor by The New Orleans Times Picayune, awards $2,500 to the winner.

Link: http://www.whca.net/awards.htm

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