Open Drug Dealing Common In Boston Commons Tourist Area


Drug dealers are thumbing their noses at a massive police crackdown in the Boston Common area and brazenly pushing heroin and crack-cocaine in broad daylight as the tourist season swings into full bloom, reports the Boston Herald. Over two hours one recent afternoon, an undercover police task force, accompanied by a Herald reporter and photographer, nabbed nine suspects openly selling hard-core drugs near the Common. “There's no earthly reason why any of this should be tolerated by the city,” said George Coorssen, a nearby condo owner who has witnessed criminals selling drugs.

Police Commissioner Edward Davis acknowledged the problem and said he's confident it will be tackled. “There's been a real comprehensive look into the problems of downtown,” said Davis, adding that “there are many challenges. We hope that over time, as all these strategies come together, the number of offenses will decrease.”


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