Can Oakland Arrest Its Way Out Of Crime? Officials Disagree


With Oakland citizens fearful and angry about crime, a top Oakland police official told city leaders last night that police alone can’t solve the violence, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. “Right now, it’s pretty clear we are in a time of increased crime,” said Deputy Chief Dave Kozicki, noting that crime nationwide is up due to the faltering economy. “But the bottom line is we believe we cannot arrest our way out of these problems.” Oakland’s crime problems are rooted in economics and family values. Kozicki called on schools, families, faith-based groups and community groups to work together.

“You said you can’t arrest our way out of this problem,” City Councilwoman Pat Kernighan said. “Well, you sure better try. We all have our jobs to do, and your job is to arrest people.” Oakland’s crime rate is higher than rates in most other U.S. cities of similar size. In 2006, there were 3,534 robberies in Oakland, 40 percent more than in Miami and 83 percent more than in Colorado Springs. Oakland saw 145 homicides in 2006, a 43 percent jump from 2004. Last year, CQ Press, a division of Congressional Quarterly, listed Oakland the fourth-most-dangerous city in the United States.


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