Sister Prejean Keeps Up The Anti-Death-Penalty Campaign


Sister Helen Prejean, author of the death penalty critique “Dead Man Walking,” believes that public opinion polls indicating that most Americans support capital punishment represent only a “surface response” and are misleading. There are 3,692 U.S. inmates on death row. Prejean tells The Social Edge magazine that “we have a seriously broken system, which is going to be executing innocent people along with the guilty.” Prejean is writing a new book, “The Machinery of Death,” that she is says is “about accompanying two innocent people to execution.”

Prejean concludes that DNA is involved in only one of four death penalty cases. “DNA won’t be the quick fix,” she said. “District attorneys have complete discretionary power as to how they do the charge, and whether they go forward or not.” Prejean complains that the “mentality in the (Supreme) court [] has legalized death and cut-off appeals. So that poor people –who are ninety-nine percent of the people on death row– do not have good attorneys. As a result, you cannot have an adversarial system of getting to the truth at trial. So it’s inevitable that the innocent are thrown in with the guilty.”


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