Tips On How To Think Like A Las Vegas Burglar


The best way to fight a burglar is to think like one, says the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Las Vegas police crime prevention specialists visit homes to offer customized recommendations for making it more burglar-proof. Among the most common problems officer Kathy Perkins sees during on-site visits are “exterior perimeter lighting and the lack thereof, padlocks and the lack thereof,” and landscaping features that inadvertently work to burglars’ benefit. Burglars hate light because it makes them “feel more exposed,” Perkins says.

Think about landscaping. Bushes or trees can offer cover for burglars, and grass lawns can allow a burglar to approach a home without making a sound. In Las Vegas, Perkins says, “This is a desert. Why don’t we use more of the type of plants and landscaping that grow naturally to our environment that may cause some discomfort — prickly things, cactus, thorny things.” Another tip from Perkins: Some people are less worried about the computer or TV than “Grandma’s necklace or the watch Grandpa gave them or pictures of deceased family members. So what you do is protect the things that really matter in your life.”


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